Ends on November 15, 2019

Special Issue dedicated to Speculative Dwarf Poems to be published in November 2019

Submit previously unpublished* poems 1 to 10 lines long or prose poems up to 100 words (viz. poetic drabbles and even more compressed microfiction). Titles, epigrams/epigraphs, postscripts/author’s notes, and white space are not counted. The poems can be one of many established varieties like monostich, distich, Haiku, senryu, tanka, cinquain, and all its variations, as well as free verse, experimental poems, hybrid forms, etc. Just be sure it contains a speculative element (with an eye toward the 2020 Dwarf Stars Anthology hosted by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. Handle this carefully. In other words, a humorous Haiku with space aliens may not be sufficient for Silver Blade’s aesthetics. We want to continue publishing high-quality work as we’ve tried to do under my poetry editorship (since 2010). 

We want a variety in this special issue, perhaps 100 lines, collectively. We are offering $1 per line (if you agree to be paid by PayPal, but slightly less if by postal check).

Submit your work through Submittable. If you title your work, do Not use all caps. Supply city, state, country that will go under your name as is usually done with these very short pieces. Also, supply a 3rd person bio that italicizes the journals your work is published in, but not the presses. Again, do not use all caps for anything in your one-paragraph bio. Put everything in one Word document (doc or docx): cover page including your contact information, byline, bio, and poem(s). Submit up to 10 poems, put each one on its own page, each page separated by an “insert page break.” Finally, label that document with your full byline name. Thanks.

Also, if accepted and despite your excitement and the accepted tradition elsewhere, please refrain from posting accepted work on social media or anywhere else. We hope you will make the announcement to the world by linking to our website. Thank you in advance for honoring our process.

* Unpublished means not published anywhere the public has access to, so all print and electronic venues, newspapers, social media, websites and personal blogs will disqualify the entry.