Size limit: 1000

Please note new submission time windows.  Poetry will only be accepted during certain periods (we will try to reflect that on our Submission manager). Issues are scheduled for publication around the end of the following months: February, May, August and November. I usually make my selections by the beginning of those months, if you have not made your submission by January, April, July or October, please defer your submission until after that issue has been released and you have taken the opportunity to read the most recent selections to help you assess our aesthetics and my editorial focus.

Submit 2 to 5 unpublished poems in a single Word file (doc or docx) via our online submission manager—Submittable. We publish literary poetry with speculative elements. We prefer free verse poetry between 10-100 lines with a keen eye on line breaks, prose poems (Robert Bly school) or flash poetry under 500 words, but all of which should strive for impeccable rhythm. We will consider a limited amount of traditional form poetry (like sestinas, Pantoums, villanelles, sonnets, including all subverted variations), experimental poetry, found poetry (with proper citations and any accompanying word-art) and a constellation of themed Haiku (or titled linked Haiku) consisting of three or more pieces, as well as bilingual submissions (including, but not limited to speculative poetry in translation*).

Please all work in a single Word file. Include a cover letter with all contact information, a lit bio, along with all the poems (each beginning on its own page) in the same Word file. PLEASE DO NOT CAPITALIZE YOUR TITLES. 

Before submitting, it is highly recommended you read several recent issues and comments on our editorial focus (see the 2018 article “Hearing the Literary Voice in Speculative Poetry,” 2014 interview in Poetry Pacific, 2011 interview in Six Questions For… ).

Do not submit if you are not amenable to editorial suggestions. Optional audio files of accepted poems will be published along with the text.

* We always seek previously unpublished English translations of literary quality poems with speculative elements that have been previously published in any language except English. We prefer original works from poets other than the translator (but in some cases we will consider poems written and translated by a single author).

Include (1) a PDF or image file for each poem in its native language to ensure proper accents and characters are preserved. Be sure the poems contain a speculative element, (2) biographies of the original poet and the translator, (3) as well as your translation notes (no length requirement, and whether long or short, it should be substantial), (4) a statement asserting that the poem is out of copyright or if in copyright, that you have obtained permission to publish both the poem in the both original language, as well as your English translation. Documentation will be required before publication. (If accepted, mp3 audio recordings n both English and in the native language would be most welcomed.)

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.